About Us
When it comes to your building's exterior facade, you need a fabricator dedicated to getting the project right.  For over 35 years, Universe Corporation has been your best resource for an experienced transition from the manufacturer's sheet stock to a beautiful building.  We recognize that we're the last product to go up on a project which may not have gone perfectly every step of the way.  Over the last three decades we've learned how to solve those problems.  
How do we do it?
We take customer service seriously.
In many ways, your panel fabricator acts as the connection bridging the gaps between design teams, product manufacturers and panel installers.  We know we can't help if we don't talk to people and find out what is needed.  Then we take the steps necessary to provide great service.  Learn more about what sets us apart on Our Customer Service page.
We have design solutions.
A lot has changed in our industry over the last three and a half decades.  In that time we've developed a wide variety of tested attachment system solutions for any situation.  Before searching our Detail Bank in the Technical section of this site, visit our Build Your Facade  section to better understand what you might need.
We have decades of industry experience.
At Universe Corporation, we have an experienced team who can work creatively to solve difficult design problems.  We provide more than just a high quality product to the panel installer - we provide guidance to our customers and to designers.   If you're an architect looking for solutions for your project, visit our Technical section or Contact Us.
We are dedicated to new technologies.
In the late 90's we decided that Universe Corporation was going to be the technology leader in this industry.  We've dedicated our resources to achieve that goal over the years and believe that we've succeeded.  Visit our Technology Page to read more about it.
We are your resource for specification and testing knowledge.
Universe Corporation dives head first into today's changing codes and specifications.  We want to act as your expert source of information for important subjects affecting our niche industry such as NFPA-285 and designing for thermal efficiency.  Read about this in more detail in our Resources section.