Universe is a national leader in facade construction technology, headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Our technology and fabrication teams transform architect’s facade designs from a CAD drawing to a 3D manufactured reality that perfectly fits the construction site.

We offer you

  • The thrill to see your hard work come to fruition through beautiful facade designs 
  • A long-term career path with many opportunities for personal growth within or outside your existing specialization 
  • An Innovative and technology-driven work environment
  • A close-knit collaborative team that values integrity and honesty
  • An empowering leadership that encourages you to take responsibility
  • A fair and transparent compensation policy in line with your growing skills
  • A work place bathing in natural sunlight with 360 views of the environment 
  • State of the art and ergonomic office equipment and tools


We expect from you:

  • You have a passion for architecture and construction
  • You are a professional who wants to do things honestly and fairly
  • You are a self-confident critical thinker, empowered to self-manage your projects
  • You are concise, clear and timely in your verbal and written communications
  • You have an extraordinary attention to detail
  • You are methodical, disciplined, and rigorous 
  • You are a problem solver; always innovating with honest and logical solutions.
  • You manage and own several projects concurrently in a fast-paced environment



If this is you, apply online.
We will respond if you include a thoughtful cover letter. 

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