Facade Systems
Concealed Fastener Rainscreen System
System Depth = 1 3/4” + Universe Adjustable Framing
Joint Width = 3/8”
System Components:
1.    EQUITONE Panel
2.    Universe Hanger Rail Extrusion – Black Color
3.    Extrusion Fastener
4.    Fixed Bracket (Shop Attached)
5.    Adjustable Bracket (Shop Attached)
6.    Tergo+ Secret Fix Undercut Anchor (Shop Attached)
7.    1/4” Thermal Isolator
8.    Adjustable Angle Bracket
9.    Adjustable Angle Fastener
10.    Universe Adjustable Angle Extrusion
11.    Adjustable Angle Extrusion Fastener
12.    Thermal Isolator #1
13.    Thermal Isolator #2
14.    Mineral Wool Insulation
15.    Air & Moisture Barrier
16.    Sheathing
17.    16 Gauge Min. Steel Stud
•    12mm thickness is required for [natura], [materia] and [pictura] material; 8mm thickness can be used for [tectiva] material.
•    Horizontally attached across framing.
•    Extrusions have splices for support between studs.
•    Insulation (14) must be mineral wool. Foam plastic insulation triggers NFPA-285 fire code which requires a tested assembly. The only other option is to acquire an AHJ approval. Receiving an AHJ approval is not guaranteed.
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