Facade Systems
*Details showing this sub-framing are not available at this time.
Rainscreen System
System Depth = 2 ¼” + Universe Adjustable framing
Joint Width = 5/8”
System Components:
1.    ALPOLIC® Panel
2.    Universe Panel Extrusion
3.    Extruded Snap-in Retainer
4.    Extrusion Fastener
5.    Spline Angles and Pop Rivets
6.    Aluminum Stiffener
7.    Structural Adhesive
8.    ¼” Thermal Isolator
9.    Universe Adjustable Angle Extrusion
10.    Adjustable Angle Fastener
11.    Adjustable Angle Bracket
12.    Thermal Isolator #1
13.    Thermal Isolator #2
14.    Mineral Wool or Polyisocyanurate Insulation
15.    Air and Moisture Barrier
16.    Line of Structure
•    Pressure equalized rainscreen system.
•    Non-Progressive Installation – allows for individual panel replacement and allows sequence flexibility.
•    Air & moisture barrier (15) required for weather tight system.
•    Unlimited color choice for extruded snap-in retainer (3).
•    System has passed air, water and structural tests.
•    Flashing may be required at the base of the system.
•    For steel stud construction, 16 gauge min. is required.
•    Insulation (14) must be polyisocyanurate or mineral wool in order to be NFPA-285 fire code compliant.  If polyisocyanurate is used, the ACM is required to be FR core.
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