Facade Systems
Exposed Fastener Rainscreen System
System Depth = 1 1/4” + Zee Girt
Joint Width = 3/8”
System Components:
1.    EQUITONE Panel
2.    Universe Aluminum Z-Extrusion – Black Color
3.    Universe Aluminum Hat Extrusion – Black Color
4.    Extrusion Fastener
5.    Panel Rivet – Color Matched
6.    Foam Tape (Shop Attached)
7.    (2) 1/4” Thermal Isolators
8.    Zee Girt
9.    Mineral Wool Insulation
10.    Air and Moisture Barrier
11.    CMU
•    Horizontally attached across framing.
•    Thermal Isolators (7) are included to allow ventilation; they are not necessary if the vertical framing extends ½” (min) past the insulation to create free-air vent space.
•    The zee girt (8) is not painted.
•    Insulation (9) must be mineral wool. Foam plastic insulation triggers NFPA-285 fire code which requires a tested assembly. The only other option is to acquire an AHJ approval. Receiving an AHJ approval is not guaranteed.
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